Unlike some charities, all roles in the PTA are volunteer roles, no one is paid. All money raised goes into the school. 

Samantha (Sam) Kelly

Chair of PTA

We got involved very early on with the PTA!  In fact in the summer before my daughter joined reception we helped man the “hook the duck” stall at the summer fair! I was keen to see the school in action, and let my daughter Megan meet a few pupils and get a feel for the school before she started.  She’s now in Year 2 and loves school!

I feel very lucky that my daughter got a place at St Andrews as I feel it’s the best school for my children. My son Lucas has joined reception in September 2021 and is loving it.

I’ve helped and done a few “new to you” uniform sales and I organised the Christmas PTA raffle. The PTA volunteers are a lovely friendly and welcoming bunch all wanting the best for our children and the children at the school. Being a Christmas elf helping the children choose and wrap presents has been a highlight so far!

I’d urge anyone to get involved as it directly helps YOUR child as well as the other school children! Also the more people involved the less we all have to do! It’s a real team effort.

Emma Kirkpatrick


I have Holly in Year 3 and Joseph in Year 1. When the kids are at school I am an accountant and get to have cups of tea in peace in an office in central Brighton or at home when I work from there.

I am Treasurer for the PTA and so you probably see my name a lot and think I’m involved in every event but often I’m just reporting the figures and can’t claim credit for the success of the event.

Sometimes I help with the organisation of events but can’t help on the day and sometimes it works the other way around. It all depends on my work load at particular times of the year. Last year my input varied from hiding Easter eggs all over the school, delivering ice lollies to classes after sports days to organising the summer fair raffle.

Sharon Hartnell


I’m mother to three children at St Andrews for one happy year – Dominic in Dolphins, Beatrice in 3S and Laurence in 6M. I’ve been involved in the PTA since Laurence started at St Andrews and enjoy helping organise events and activities and thinking with others about how we can do things that will benefit the school.

One project I took on was the class tea towels – a project run for reception and year 6 children now. I’ve passed on the reins of that now  but help to run the Christmas Card campaign and lend a hand for other events where I can. It’s been a real pleasure to be involved with new events like wine tasting and the art auction – and old favourites like the Summer Fair.

As secretary, I’m involved in planning and working on agendas for meetings as well as developing our newsletter. There is room to expand our PR and communications and extra volunteers are very welcome!

Matt Ellis Devitt


Hi I’m Matt and my daughter Juno is about to go into year 2. You may well have seen and/or heard her being a big personality around the place, don’t know where she gets it from…
I didn’t really know what to expect with the PTA either and quite honestly that is indicative of its role – it is nothing specific, just a group of really caring parents throwing ideas around as to how to best help our kids and our school, planning fundraising and then how that money is used. My pet project is St Andrews Got Talent.
If you are an ideas person, or indeed if you are someone who wants to help out with what little time we all have as parents, you should come along to a meeting and feel it out. I promise everyone is awesome.

Steph Kenton


I was pretty wary of going to PTA meetings at the beginning. I felt I didn’t have much to offer in the way of useful skills or brilliant ideas and I’m much more comfortable ‘behind the scenes’ so at first I just listened and got to understand a bit more about what the PTA did and what a difference the funds it raises makes to the day to day life in school. I didn’t contribute anything much at first and then I started volunteering for a few things that I felt able to do. Over the last couple of years I’ve poured gallons of squash, helped out at cake sales, folded raffle tickets and played at being an Easter Bunny and a Christmas Elf. Really nothing too taxing or time consuming! And you’re never on your own. There’s always a few friendly faces to work with, get to know and have a chat with.

It’s been brilliant to see some tangible results from the efforts everyone in the school has put in. The playground markings, the minibus and the new stage; we wouldn’t have these fantastic assets to school life without everyone pulling together..

Vicky Baynton-Williams


I have two children at the school (Audrey and Rex) and I’m nosy, so I always knew I would like to be involved with the PTA and see what goes on “behind the scenes”! I love planning events and themes and I work for a charity, so I hoped I’d be useful… But equally – you don’t have to know anything about events, fundraising or have any grand ideas to help your PTA – just a bit of free time to offer.

I look forward to many more years of creative ideas and fundraising at the school!

There are also many more brilliant volunteers who help – these are the ones who’ve written a bio!! 🙂 If you would like to be included here please email your bio to [email protected]